Our Solutions

Upon request, we will make all necessary checks and escort you and your staff to safety.

At no cost, you can rely on a timely, multi-faceted response, for both emergency and non-emergency situations.

At home, at work and everywhere in between.

Case Studies / Testimonials

West Valley

Licensed – Independent Wine Bar - Hazel Grove

The traditional age old model of solving our security needs with a doorman standing in the doorway greeting our clientelle is neither the image nor the cost effective solution which was needed for our bar. For this reason we chose a solution that fits our business rather than maintaining the staus quo. It is not only the services that come as standard with West Valley that reassures me as an owner, but also knowing that they are only ever minutes away, when I see their highly visible presence around and about every day.


Licensed – Independent Wine Bar - Hazel Grove

Stopfordian have looked after the security of our business for 5 years now and we have always found their service to be fast, reliable and trustworthy.

Knowing that they are only ever a few minutes away gives such peace of mind. The Stopfordian guards have always been pleasant, well presented and capable of dealing with any issue. Furthermore they always remain courteous, professional and swift when dealing with any problems inside our premises so that none of our other customers should feel concern.

They go the extra mile to make impromptu visits to our premises, throughout the course of the night to check that all is well. It is always reassuring to know that they are around when we close down the venue as they make sure all the staff are safe as we lock up, often walking them to their vehicles.